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Dates: 13 MAY. - 17 JUN. 2010
 Sala Kutxa Andia
Schedule: 19:00h. (45 min approx.)

- Kursaal Centre, Chamber Hall. Avda. de Zurriola, 1, Donostia
- Kutxa Andia Conference Room
Andia street
Donostia - San Sebastián

In order to start "warming up the engines" for the great Passion for Knowledge festival, the Kutxa Obra Social is organising, in collaboration with the DIPC, a conference cycle for the forthcoming months of May and June. These conferences will review the research work undertaken at the DIPC over the last 10 years and will serve as an introduction to some of the key concepts of the Passion for Knowledge conferences to be held in September.

All the conferences will be held at the Kutxa Andia conference room in Andia street, starting at 7 pm and with approximate length of 45 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. Free entrance, registration not required.




13 MAY.

Pedro Miguel Echenique
Kursaal Centre, Chamber Hall
Passion for Knowledge: The sublime usefulness of useful science




20 MAY.

Jose Maria Pitarke
Kutxa Andia Conference Room
The lecture will be given in Basque, Spanish translation will be provided
From the large to the small: quasars, quarks, and the nanoscale





27 MAY.

Fernando Cossio
Kutxa Andia Conference Room
Science, nature and art: chemistry and its metaphors



3 JUN.

Javier Aizpurua
Kutxa Andia Conference Room
When light becomes small



17 JUN. Juan Colmenero
Kutxa Andia Conference Room
Molecule by Molecule: self-assembly and nanotechnology



  Pedro M. Echenique
  Passion for Knowledge 2010

  José María Pitarke
  Passion for Knowledge 2010

  Fernando Cossío
  Passion for Knowledge 2010

  Javier Aizpurua
  Passion for Knowledge 2010

  Javier Aizpurua
  Passion for Knowledge 2010


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Fernando COSSIO


Jose Maria PITARKE





Researcher at the Center of Material Physics CSIC - UPV/EHU

After completing post-doctoral fellowships at Gothenburg, Sweden, and Washington DC, USA, he returned to San Sebastian where he joined the Donostia International Physics Centre DIPC within the "Fellows Gipuzkoa" program of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. Since 2008, he has been an associate scientist at the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) at San Sebastian, where he is head of the nanophotonics group at the CSIC-UPV/EHU.




Director of the Center of Material Physics CSIC - UPV/EHU

Is a professor at the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. He was a guest professor at the IFF, Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany) and he has participated in a number of international scientific committees, the most noteworthy being the Institut Laue-Langevin (France) and the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (Germany). He is a member of the Council of Editors of the Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics and Colloid and Polymer Science. In recognition of his work, he has been awarded a number of distinctions, the most salient being the Xabier María Munibe Award, the Award for Science and Technology (1998), granted by the Basque Parliament, the Euskadi (Basque Country) Award for Research into Science and Technology (2000) and the Medal of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (2003).




Professor at Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Fernando P. Cossío studied Chemical Science at the University of Zaragoza and went on to receive a PhD in 1986 at the UPV/EHU Basque University. He has spent post-doctoral fellowships at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, in Talence (France) and at the University of California Los Angeles. He became an Associate Professor at the UPV/EHU Faculty of Chemistry in 1988 and a full Professor of this faculty in 2002. He has occupied a number of posts, such as the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences at the UPV/EHU (1999-2001), the vice-chancellor of Research and International Relations at the UPV/EHU (2001-2004), and Secretary of the Committee of Experimental Sciences of UNIQUAL (2007-2009), amongst others. He has been awarded the Spanish Society Award for Therapeutic Chemistry (1987), the Euskoiker Award for Experimental Sciences (2005), the Manuel Laborde Werlinden Award (2005), the Toribio Echevarria Award (2006) and the Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation Award (2007). In 2009 he was appointed Chairman of the Ikerbasque Executive Committee.


Pedro Miguel
President of DIPC

Was born in Isaba, Navarre (1950), and is Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of the Basque Country, Chairman of the Donostia International Physics Centre (DIPC), Chairman of CIC Nanogune, Chairman of Jakiunde, Academy of Science, Arts & Letters, and Vice-chairman of the Basque Agency for Innovation, Innobasque.

He obtained his post-graduate studies (Ph.D.) at Cambridge in 1976 and in Barcelona in 1977. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Cambridge (Doctor in Sciences 1998) and was also made Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Valladolid (2000) and of the Public University of Navarre UPNA (2008). He is a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, a Fellow of the American Physical Society (FAPS) and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (FAAAS). In 1988 he was elected Universal Basque of the Year.

He received the Xabier María de Munibe award (1995), Euskadi (Basque Country) Award for Research (1996), Prince of Viana Award for Culture (1997), Great Cross of Alfonso 10th the Wise (1998), Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research (1998), Max Planck Award for Physics (1998), Iberdrola Award for Science and Technology (2002) and Blas Cabrera National Award in Material and Earth Physical Science (2005). Furthermore, he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (2003), by the University of the Basque Country (1990), by the City of San Sebastian (2000) and by the Province of Gipuzkoa (2006).



Jose Maria

Director of nanoGUNE

Prof. Pitarke studied Physics at the University of the Basque Country,
where he received his PhD degree (with distinction) in 1990 studying
some aspects of tunneling spectroscopy and electron and photon
emission in solids. After a postdoctoral stay at the Oak Ridge National
Laboratory (USA) in the group of Rufus Ritchie, he obtained, in 1993,
a permanent position at the University of the Basque Country, which
he combined with sabbatical semesters at various USA Universities
and the Imperial College of the University of London, UK. Since 2000,
he has been full professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the
University of the Basque Country. His research interests include
condensed matter theory, many-body interactions at solid surfaces
and nanostructures, dynamical response of solid materials,
nanophotonics, and the interaction of charged particles with
nanostructures. Prof. Pitarke is By-Fellow of the Churchill College of
the University of Cambridge since 2005. He is also the Director of the
Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center nanoGUNE since its
creation in 2006.


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